Managed Equipment Services

NATEX Measurement Solutions offers you a single point of contact for all your instrumentation and measurement needs. We can supply you the tools required to perform your job, and also take care of your calibration and testing requirements by utilising our relationships within the metrology community.


As a full-service provider we are the single point of contact for all our customers calibration, service and repair needs. We are vendor independent and able to support all manufacturers and instrument types through our metrology network.

Coordinating an organisations complex instrumentation and needs requires a deep understanding of many industries, laboratory capabilities, scopes of accreditation and capacity that benefits all our customers. Let us manage your equipment so you can focus on your core business saving you significant time, money and administration costs.

With our network of over 100 partner laboratories, you can be sure we can service all your measurement devices and brands.



  • Reduce logistical complexity and save time with one point of contact for all Testing and calibration needs.
  • With our network of over 100 partner laboratories, you can be sure we can calibrate most measurement devices and brands.
  • Lower costs by eliminating financial surprises and achieving economies of scale in calibration resulting in better pricing and terms.
  • Improve operational performance through faster calibration turnaround time and increased asset usage.
  • Secure accurate and consistent results for your devices over their entire life cycle
  • Reduce unscheduled production or machine downtime, product and process quality issues, product recalls and rework.
  • Ensure the ongoing accuracy and availability of all your test assets.


Our capabilities cover a wide range of disciplines including Electrical DC/LF and RF/Microwave, Dimensional, Torque & Force, Pressure & Vacuum, Mass/Weight, Temperature, Humidity, Flow, Fiber Optics, Acoustics, Nuclear Safety and more.


We service all the major brands and manufacturers, such as Keysight, Fluke, Tektronix, FLIR, Budenberg, Honeywell, Amtek, Norbar, Mitutoyu, Brüel & Kjær, Kyoritsu, Horiba, Dräger Safety, Mettler Toledo, Anritsu, Testo, Hach and so much more. We are able to support all manufacturers and instrument types.


Our people, products and processes, have been the hallmarks of our trusted relationships with our clients, who have come to depend on us as their business partner of choice. If you’re interested in having NATEX manage your instrumentation needs please contact us today!



+61 8 6160 5995



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