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Calibration & Testing Service

NATEX Measurement Solutions offers you a single point of contact for all your instrumentation and measurement needs. We can supply you the tools required to perform your job, and also take care of your calibration and testing requirements by utilising our many vendor relationships within the metrology community.


Regular calibration is essential to keep the instrumentation controlling your critical processes compliant and within specifications. Reduce your risk and take measurements with confidence.

As a full-service provider we are the single point of contact for all our customers calibration, service and repair needs. We are vendor independent and able to support all manufacturers and instrument types through our metrology network. Coordinating an organisations complex instrumentation and needs requires a deep understanding of many industries, laboratory capabilities, scopes of accreditation and capacity that benefits all our customers. Let us manage your equipment so you can focus on your core business saving you significant time, money and administration costs. With our network of over 100 partner laboratories, you can be sure we can service all your measurement devices and brands.

Our capabilities cover a wide range of disciplines including Electrical DC/LF and RF/Microwave, Dimensional, Torque & Force, Pressure & Vacuum, Mass/Weight, Temperature, Humidity, Flow, Fiber Optics, Acoustics, Nuclear Safety and more.

We service all the major brands and manufacturers, such as Keysight, Fluke, Tektronix, FLIR, Budenberg, Honeywell, Amtek, Norbar, Mitutoyu, Brüel & Kjær, Kyoritsu, Horiba, Dräger Safety, Mettler Toledo, Anritsu, Testo, Hach and so much more. We are able to support all manufacturers and service all instrument types listed below.


Electrical & Electronic Instrumentation

Amp Meters Flash Point Testers Megger Process Calibrators
Appliance Testers Frequency Generators Micro-Ohm Meters RCD Testers
Cable Testers Frequency Meters Multimeters Resistance Boxes
Calibrators Hi-Pot Testers Oscilloscopes Signal Analysers
Clamp meters Insulation Testers PAT Testers Signal Calibrators
Current Supply kW Meters Power Analysers Testing and Tagging Units
Digital Multimeters LCR Meters Power Factor Meters Tong Testers
Earth Testers Loop Calibrators Power Meters Volt Meters
Energy Meters mA Calibrators Power Supplies Voltage Supplies


RF Measurement

Frequency Counters Network Analysers RF Power Meters Site Masters
Frequency synthesizers RF Frequency Analysers Signal Generators Spectrum Analysers
Function and Arbitrary Waveform Generators Signal Generators and Swept Generators Attenuators Oscilloscopes


Optical & Transmission Testers

OTDRs (Optical Time Domain Reflectometers) OSA (Optical Spectrum Analysers) Multi-Wavelength


Variable Optical Attenuators
Optical Fusion Splicers (Fitel, Fujikura and Sumitomo) Fibre Optic Cleavers Fibre Inspection Equipment PET, RFL, TDR and Cable locators
Ethernet Testers (10, 100, 1000Mbps and 10Gbps) SDH/SONET Testers (155Mbps to 10Gbps) PDH/ISDN Testers (2Mbps to 140Mbps) Copper Qualifications Testers


Scientific & Analytical Equipment

Analytical Scales and Balances pH Meters LUX Meters (Light Meters) Sound Level Meters
Anemometers Turbidimeters Water Quality Meters Moisture Analysers
Conductivity Meters Spectrophotometers Pipettes Hydrocarbon Analysers


Gas Detection, Monitors and Sensors

Ammonia Detectors (NH3) Confined Space Monitors Tunable Diode Laser Spectrometry Electrochemical Sensor Replacements
Refrigerant Leak Detectors Ethylene Detectors (C2H4) Hydrogen Sulfide Detectors (H2S) Fixed Gas Monitoring Equipment
Carbon Dioxide Detectors (CO2) Emission Monitors Methane Detectors (CH4) Hydrocarbon Monitors
Carbon Monoxide Detectors (CO) Gas Transmitters Oxygen Detectors (O2)


Temperature and Humidity

Autoclaves Humidity Meters IR Thermometers Temperature and Humidity Transmitters
Data Loggers RH Meters Temperature Indicators Temperature Calibrators
Dry Heat Ovens RTD Indicators Temperature Water Baths Temperature Controller / Switches
Immersion Thermometers RTD Probes Thermocouples Thermohydrograph Units
Glass Thermometers Incubators K-Type Thermometers  Pyrometers


Pressure Equipment

Pressure Gauges Magnehelic Gauges Pressure Relief Valves Transmitters
Switches Differential Gauges Chart Recorders Vacuum Gauges
Transducers Manometers Controllers Dead Weight Testers
Digital gauges Backflow Test Kits Pressure Indicators


Weighing, Loadcells and Scales

Compression Testers Force Indicators Pinch Gauges Standard Masses
Digital Force Indicators Hand Dynamometers Pull Testers Tension Testers
Force Gauges Load Cells Industrial Scales


Dimensional & Distance

Bore Micrometers Gauge Block Sets Laser Levels Steel Rules
Dial Indicators Hard Gauges Measuring Tape Theodolites
Dial Test Indicators Height Gauge Micrometers Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges
Depth Gauges Inside Micrometers Outside Micrometers Vernier Calipers
Dumpy Levels Laser Distance Meters Paint Thickness Gauges


Torque Equipment

Torque Wrenches Torque Meters Torque Sensors Torque Transducers
Torque Drivers Digital Torque Wrenches


Insulated Electrical Safety Equipment

Insulated Gloves (Class 00 – 4) Low Voltage Switchboard Kits High Voltage Rescue Kits Portable Earthing Devices
Insulated Mats Live Line Sticks Modiewarks Fuse Pullers
Insulated Tools Proximity Detectors


Radiological Equipment

Dose Rate Meters / Survey Meters Tritium Monitors Neutron Monitors Personal Electronic Dosimeters
Contamination Monitors:

  • Cobalt-60 (60Co)
  • Caesium-137 (137Cs)
Contamination Monitors:

  • Americium-241 (241Am)
  • Chlorine-36 (36Cl)
Contamination Monitors:

  • Iodine-129 (129I)
  • Carbon-14 (14C)
Contamination Monitors:

  • Strontium/Yttrium-90 (90Sr/90Y)
  • Plutonium-238 (238 Pu)


If you require more information regarding our services or can’t find your instrument above please contact us today or visit our Frequenty Asked Questions page for more information.



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