NATEX Measurement Solutions is an Australian-owned, multi-disciplined supplier of industrial instrumentation, calibration, configuration and repair services within Australia. We offer comprehensive measurement solutions across a wide range of industries supporting your flow, level, pressure, temperature, electrical, RF, data and IECex/ATEX needs.

We offer comprehensive measurement products in the following fields :

Electrical   /   Process Control   /   Flow   /   Pressure   /   RF   /   Data   /   IECex/ATEX   /   Temperature   /   Mechanical   /   Force & Torque   /   Dimensional   /   Gas Detection   /   Health & Safety devices   /   Radiological   /   Dielectric testing   /   Environmental   /   Analytical   /   Scientific   /   Water Quality   /   Microbiological   /   Electrical Safety Equipment & More.

If you require an instrument that does not fall into any category listed here, contact us today to see how NATEX can assist you –we’ll be only too happy to help.


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